Penetration testing

Penetration tests uncover weak points in your applications, infrastructure and network. By uncovering your organisations cyber vulnerabilities, we can proactively prevent real world attacks and improve your overall security. They are an important component of any cyber risk management strategy.

Red team tests simulate real-world cyber-attacks and enable you to identify and remediate weak defences, without any lasting damage. Red team testing is a mix of penetration testing, social engineering and physical intrusion. It can involve a lot of face-to-face interaction, testing processes and procedures that form part of your information security controls. Red team exercises provide businesses with a thorough assessment of their security capabilities and help to build stronger defences to prevent an actual breach.

Our partner firm, Bulletproof, have highly skilled penetration testers with years of experience in testing the most security-conscious industries, including financial and Government services. All Bulletproof penetration testers are experts in their field and are certified by independent industry bodies, such as CREST and Tigerscheme. 
Activities we might undertake include:

  • Web application penetration testing
  • Network & Infrastructure penetration testing
  • Mobile application penetration testing
  • Social engineering penetration testing
  • Red team security testing

If you would like to know more about undertaking a pen test in your organisation, then please get in touch with us at or by phoning  +44 203 603 4733.

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