Operational Resilience

One of the most complex challenges currently facing Financial Services institutions is the Bank of England requirement to demonstrate Operational Resilience. 324 have designed a repeatable method to identify and assess business services in preparation for the final regulations.

The method is sufficiently transferable that it also applies to non-FS organisations. We will identify your priority Important Business Services, break them down into components and then assess the vulnerability of each. Our method includes programme delivery, testing, senior management reporting, Op Model development and governance.

Activities we might undertake in this area include:


  • Stakeholder awareness and education
  • Development of Operational Resilience Governance structures
  • Business service collection, mapping and analysis
  • Design of impact tolerance metrics
  • Regulatory development tracking
  • Remediation requirements assessment
  • Scenario testing

If you would like our help ensure your business is operationally resilient, then please get in touch with us at info@324consultancy.com or by phoning  +44 203 603 4733.

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