Helping to meet the Operational Resilience requirements of an Investment Bank

We helped an investment bank with their Identity and Access Management (IAM) audit remediation, where we:

• Set up, and ran the workstream structure, developing a six-step control development process to align with external audit testing methodology;

• Provided expertise in challenging topics such as privileged access management and Joiner/Mover/Leaver (JML) processes;

• Wrote and agreed control blueprints with the client’s external auditor, including extensive evidence documentation;

• Tracked and managed the external auditor’s feedback comments;

• Coordinated efforts and managed stakeholder engagement across multiple business and technology teams; and

• Identified other security risks and issues beyond the scope of the external audit, for the client’s consideration to further strengthen the client’s environment.

As a result, the client was able to successfully complete the Control Design phase for their identity and access management controls.

We were chosen through a further RFP process to continue supporting the client in the next phase of the delivery.

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